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Mason Realty is a small, family owned Real Estate practice based in Albany WA. We pride ourselves on excellence in marketing, attention to detail, and a highly innovative approach. Our aim is to promote South Coast properties to a broader audience, thereby seeking to achieve premium prices for sellers and introduce discerning buyers to the exciting real estate opportunities that exist in our beautiful part of the world.

Mason Realty covers a large geographic area – radiating out from Albany. We relish the opportunity to market interesting South Coast property and to represent sellers who see value in our approach. We believe it is extremely important to tell the “story” of each property and the hidden gems of each location.

Strong relationships forged over nearly two decades in real estate, allows us access to the best service providers in the industry – from our administrative team at AdminHQ through to photographers, videographers, graphic designers, printers, publishers and on-line marketing experts. This, combined with the latest technology, offers you the best property marketing and sales support.

We believe the special properties of Albany and surrounds are often overlooked, and need a different approach with broader thinking. Mason Realty has the experience and expertise in all methods of sale and will provide qualified advice. Pitching your property correctly and marketing to a wider audience is our guiding philosophy.

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