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    Data in this graph is revised periodically as more transactions settle. The latest quarterly house, unit and land sales are an estimate.

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    Listing and Rental Trends

    Data in this graph is as at 31 December 2017. Information includes the latest quarterly sales listings with average selling days for the Perth Metro region and median weekly rents with vacancy rates for houses and units. The preliminary median weekly rent and vacancy rate figures are an estimate.

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    Highest growth suburbs

    01. Applecross
    02. Nickol
    03. Bicton
    04. North Fremantle
    05. Bulgarra
    06. Cottesloe
    07. Dunsborough
    08. Kallaroo
    09. Dawesville
    10. Nedlands
  • Suburb Profile


    GROWTH 17.1%
    MED.PRICE $2,155,000
    POPULATION 7,375

    Cottesloe is a suburb revered for its relaxed beach-side lifestyle. Close to the city, yet still far enough away to not be exposed to its hyper-urban nature, Cottesloe is an ideal location for those who want the best of both worlds. Its land area spans four square kilometres and is characterised by a blend of historical and modern residences.

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