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Originally founded in 2004, real estate agencies Edison Property and Abel McGrath have merged in a wonderful marriage of east meets west. The two brands have melded as one entity, Edison McGrath, under the guidance of Pasquale Cianfagna and Ross Hunter. The union brings together a rare cultural alignment underscored by a vision to make a difference.

‘Edison McGrath is a harmony of two respected brands coming together,’ said Ross Hunter, a director of the company. ‘Edison is the beacon of tomorrow, McGrath is a symbol of endurance and sustainability, together they represent a powerful vision of the future.’ ‘This is not just a new coat of paint; this is about reimagining how things are done. When customers engage with us, they want the best possible result whether that is transacting a piece of real estate or having us look after their investment,’ says Hunter.

‘Edison McGrath delivers the very best people who want to make a difference to people’s lives. To do that, it comes down to having the right culture and right people,’ Hunter said.

Hunter accepts the word culture frequently gets bounced around; however, he believes his team are walking the talk.

Boasting one of the most experienced teams of real estate experts, Edison McGrath has a depth of experience that permeates the entire business.

‘What we bring to the table is a high level of property expertise, however all the experience in the world means nothing unless you do something with it,’ says Hunter. ‘This is where our people with their intellectual nous and care factor can help customers get the best outcomes. It’s real people, helping real people.’

It’s even more than that, adds joint Director, Pasquale Cianfagna. ‘We’re a people development organisation disguised as a real estate agency.’ ‘Our definition of success is underlined by our core values; it’s authenticity, it’s courage, it’s humility, and it’s also about diversity,’ says Cianfagna.

The fusion of Edison McGrath consolidates a diverse and established team of differing nationality, age, gender and other characteristics. ‘We welcome people of all walks of life to be a part of our group,’ said Cianfagna. ‘They add their perspective, and we give them the freedom to excel and express themselves. We’re proud of our culture. It’s what makes us different.’

Hunter adds, ‘the partnership is a new genesis of something that’s been part of the community for a long time doing great things, now it’s about creating something bigger and better. Don’t expect Edison McGrath to be just another real estate brand. The future is bright.’

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