Thank a Property Manager Day

22 November 2023

"REIWA CEO Cath Hart said property managers face a lot of challenges at the best of times, but the past few years have been particularly stressful."

This Friday November 24 is Thank a Property Manager Day, a time to recognise the often unsung stories of those who go the extra mile not just for landlords, but to help tenants in need, particularly amidst the rental crisis.

This event was created in 2012 to celebrate the role property managers play in our industry, communities and society. It is usually held on the last Friday of November each year.

REIWA CEO Cath Hart said property managers face a lot of challenges at the best of times, but the past few years have been particularly stressful.

“Rising rents, record low vacancy rates and large numbers at home opens all put pressure on desperate and vulnerable tenants and that in turn sees property managers exposed to some very challenging situations,” she said.

“Yet they continue to go above and beyond, dealing with the daily stresses of their role while also using their networks to find good tenants new homes when the property they’re renting has been sold, or rallying together to help tenants whose homes have been destroyed by fire.

“Property managers, you have REIWA’s thanks for the great work you do, and I encourage agencies to take a moment this Friday to say thank you to the property managers in your office or even organise a morning tea to acknowledge their work.”

Morgan Webb Real Estate Director Kate Webb is one of many property managers to go to great lengths for a tenant in need, following an electrical fire in August that completely destroyed a property she managed.

“Luckily the tenant wasn’t home, but he and his six-year-old daughter lost absolutely everything. While the landlord had building insurance, the tenant did not have contents insurance,” she said.

“When I got 'that' call and received some pictures, I posted about it on a property manager's Facebook page, mostly just to remind other property managers how important it is to encourage tenants to take out contents insurance, but I was not ready for what came next.

“Two simple Facebook posts (the property managers’ and my personal one) about the tragedy saw donations flooding in for my tenant. It was actually overwhelming, but it soon became my personal project to help the tenant and I set up a spreadsheet of what items he would need and also what was on offer from everyone.

“My home garage became a drop-off point for donations from friends, family, other real estate agents and people we didn’t even know who had seen the posts.

“Within a week I was able to secure the tenant another rental (which is tough in this market) through an agent who had one that was available just around the corner. Their landlord was happy to accept him – he’s a good tenant, always pays rent on time and maintains the property.

“We collectively managed to fully furnish the home, supply bedding, appliances, and clothes, plus collect over $700 worth of gift vouchers and a heap of new toys and teddies for the little girl.

“I spent a day with the tenant travelling around Perth filling up the trailer that he borrowed from my husband to pick everything up and get it all to the new rental home.

“The tenant was so grateful and also overwhelmed by the help he was speechless.

“All of this was done this while liaising with the landlord, his insurance company, the Fire Department and the local council to make sure I followed all required protocols.”

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