CPD halved and self-funded from 2026: Government releases recommendations

15 November 2023

"The annual CPD requirement for the real estate industry would be halved to five points from 2026, as part of a new self-funded model announced by the State Government today."

The annual CPD requirement for the real estate industry would be halved to five points from 2026, as part of a new self-funded model announced by the State Government today.

REIWA CEO Cath Hart said the announcement provided certainty for consumers and practitioners alike.

“Our surveys of public sentiment over many years have repeatedly confirmed that WA consumers were concerned about proposals to remove CPD requirements for real estate practitioners,” she said.

“The majority of REIWA members surveyed earlier this year also expressed their overwhelming support for an ongoing requirement for CPD in order to maintain professional standards, protect consumers and enhance the reputation of the industry as a whole.

“Our advocacy to the Government has been for a CPD model which maintains industry standards in a way that is appropriate in regard to the obligations and requirements of practitioners, with a particular focus on ensuring CPD content is contemporary and relevant for the key issues being faced by industry.”

The announcement came as the Government reminded agents to complete their 2023 CPD before 31 December, revealing that 67 per cent of licensed real estate agents and 69 per cent of registered sales representatives and property managers had yet to do any CPD this year.

“The community has high expectations of real estate practitioners and so it is critically important that standards across the industry are enforced,” Ms Hart said.

“There has been ongoing uncertainty around the future of the CPD program for many years now with erroneous suggestions that it could be scrapped altogether likely a significant contributor to the number of practitioners who haven’t started their CPD yet.

“Today’s announcement gives absolute certainty about what their obligations are and I expect we will see an increase in CPD completions between now and the end of 2023.”

The Government has confirmed they will focus on enforcing compliance with the existing regime until the new program started, with the current requirements remaining in place for 2024.

Currently, real estate agents must accumulate 10 points each year, consisting of seven Elective points which are self-funded and three Mandatory points which are funded by the Government.

Under the proposed changes, the subsidy would be discontinued from January 2026, with licensees instead required to self-fund their 5 CPD points.

An independent public survey by iSentia in September 2023 found that 89% of the WA community were at least somewhat concerned about a potential move to remove professional development for real estate agents.

“We will continue to work with the Government on the implementation of the self-funded model to ensure optimum outcomes for all parties,” said Ms Hart.

Under the proposal, from 2026 Consumer Protection would no longer administer CPD, with the distinction between Mandatory and Elective training to be removed, and the total points reduced to five for both real estate and settlement agents.

To view the full set of recommendations, see the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) review report online. 

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