Agent Spotlight: Stephen Cole, elite sales consultant, Ray White Broome

28 February 2024

"We spoke to Stephen about the benefits of working in a regional market, using different marketing tactics to reach the most buyers, and his advice for up and coming agents."

Have you ever dreamed of moving to a regional town and enjoying the relaxed lifestyle?

Stephen Cole had that dream and made it his reality, picking up and moving to Broome not once, but twice, before starting a career in real estate.

We spoke to Stephen about the benefits of working in a regional market, using different marketing tactics to reach the most buyers, and his advice for up and coming agents.

How did you get involved in real estate?

I started working at 16 in a surf shop, where I was encouraged to pursue a career in sales. I then went on to work in the telco industry, followed by trades and construction, eventually running my own business.

Having transitioned into real estate two and a half years ago, I realised that the agent I am today is very different from who I would have been if I had jumped in at 18. Life experiences, such as running businesses and flipping properties, have given me a unique perspective that I can now use to advise clients. More importantly though it has given me empathy to better understand the personal pressures and circumstances that surround buying and selling.

What was behind your decision to move to Broome, and what have you loved about it?

My wife and I sought a break from our busy lives in Perth. We wanted to work part-time and spend our afternoons by the beach. In reality, I took on a trade management role servicing landscaping businesses throughout the Kimberley.

When we had our first daughter, we moved back to Perth to be around family, but Broome’s quality of life drew us back to the North-West. At this point I took the plunge into real estate.

We’ve loved our time in Broome and found it to be a place where community and career can thrive in harmony.

What do you love about being a real estate agent?

I love building relationships with clients and guiding them through one of the most significant transactions of their lives.

An agent’s income is directly related to the work you put in. While in other industries your value is predetermined, we are in complete control of the income we can earn, and that keeps me motivated.

Do you have to employ any different marketing tactics to reach your buyers?

In a regional setting, marketing requires a personal touch. Authenticity is key, as clients are looking for someone they can trust and relate to. We have an isolated market here in Broome, so the question we ask is how do we reach potential investors or those outside of Broome looking to move to the region?

Videos are a great way to do this - from riding a camel into a client’s driveway to floating in a client’s pool, it’s about finding what works for you. The more shares and views it has online, the more eyes are on that home. While we might have 500 views in 24 hours for a well-presented listing, some of our videos have received 24,000 views in the first 12 hours.

What has your local market looked like in the past 12 months?

Like much of WA, we're facing a shortage of stock. The scarcity of properties for sale has led to a very competitive market.

With the influx of new projects and investments, Broome's economy is experiencing a new level of stability. The Government is also putting a lot of money into revitalising Broome as a tourism destination, which not only adds to those visiting, but those living in town also.

What would your advice be to someone thinking of a career in real estate (or someone looking to move to regional WA)

Work hard, be honest, and build strong relationships. Real estate is not just about selling houses, it's about understanding people's needs and guiding them toward the best decision for their situation.

In a regional setting, you’re in a very exposed market. It's not as easy to hide. If you’re good at what you do and you carry yourself in a professional way, eventually success will follow.

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