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    Tom Esze has 35 years of experience in the WA real estate industry and is an expert in auctioneering, having called more than 4,000 of them during his career.  

    Tom is owner of real estate agency Tomesze.Com, which services South Perth to Mandurah, and is passionate about auctions, believing them to be the most beneficial method of sale for vendors.  

    Tom is a REIWA Accredited Sales Representative and Auctioneer, Chairman of REIWA’s Auction Agents Network and has won the Institute’s Gift of the Gavel Auctioneering Championship five times – in 2010, 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2021. 

    Outside of real estate, Tom enjoys spending time with his family, is partial to a shiraz and makes the most of WA’s enviable weather by playing water polo, going fishing and swimming.  

    The fast seven with... Tom Esze 

    1. How did you become a real estate agent?  

    My father was an architectural draftsman, designer and surveyor and we always had real estate agents coming by the house. They had nice cars and dressed very well, so after six years in the Army, I commenced my real estate career.  

    2. What drew you to the auction specialty? 

    I had a bad experience with a consultant auctioneer calling an auction for me just after the 1987 stock market crash. Being a pup, I thought ‘I can do this better!’...and here we are some 4,000 plus auction calls later.  

    I love the theatre of auctions! Money flows more easily when people are relaxed, engaged and sporting a smile when they’re about to write out a big cheque. 

    3. What is the most challenging part of your job?  

    Demerit point retention! When you spend so much time on the road between auctions and/or home opens, time is essential, and punctuality is paramount! 

    4. What are you most proud of achieving in your role?  

    Winning REIWA's Gift of the Gavel Auctioneering Championship a total of five times! I would have competed 16-18 times and many times was the runner-up, but the goal was always to win five championships, which is why I have decided to step aside from the competition this year. 

    5. What have the last 12 months been like for you on the ground?  

    A heck of a lot of fun! Big crowds at auctions, thumping good results and an opportunity to perform my best work!  

    6. Have you noticed an increased demand for auction sales?  

    Nothing like pre-COVID where I was calling some 400 plus auctions per year. The COVID-19 restrictions pretty much shut down public on-site auctions due to the public gathering limits. The marketplace switched to online auctions, leaving an auctioneer bereft of being able to apply their skill sets. The uncertainty of when the next lockdown would happen also crushed a lot of campaigns, but it appears we are past that now!  

    7. What is your best advice for sellers and buyers going to auction? 

    In this marketplace my advice to buyers would be to bid high and don’t hesitate to bid promptly and always look strong in the face of your competition. To sellers, my advice would be, “why would you sell any other way?” 

    More information 

    For more information about Tom Esze, visit his reiwa.com AgentFinder profile.