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    Commencing my Real Estate career in February 1987 following a six year period in the military and being a Licensed Real Estate Agent, I take pride in working with Sellers bringing their property to the marketplace in a professional manner and achieving a premium result with my preferred and proven method of sale being #auction #tomesze

    I am also an Independent Licensed Auctioneer surpassing 3000 auction calls and have won the #REIWA Auctioneering Championships on several occasions #tomeszeauctions

    I believe my experience and skill-sets are well regarded within the industry and have assisted in the relocating of some 2,500 buyers into homes and investment properties since commencing..

    If you seek accountability, honesty and reliability in your Agent, feel comfortable in contacting me on 0411 888 800 or email [email protected]

    And from you the Seller, I appreciate frank discussion and a transparent relationship... After all, we are working together towards a common outcome :)

    Kind regards, T.

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    68 South Terrace, South Perth WA 6151
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