• Agent spotlight: Chris Tana, ProProperty Group


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    Born and raised in Perth, Chris Tana has spent the better part of 17 years working in the Western Australia real estate industry, specialising in commercial real estate.  

    Chris is co-owner and Director of Sales & Leasing at ProProperty Group, which is a proud sponsor of REIWA’s Community REInvest program. 

    Chris is REIWA Accredited in Commercial Leasing and Commercial Sales and is an advocate for offering specialty Accredited services to the WA public.  

    In his spare time, Chris enjoys cooking Italian food and spending time with his two boys and partner. 

    The quick six with... Chris Tana 

    1. How did you become a real estate agent? 

    I first started working in hospitality at the Sheraton Perth Hotel. I always wanted to invest and own a commercial property and thought becoming a real estate agent would give me the experience to do so. So, I became a facility manager for an accounting firm KPMG which had three levels in the Perth CBD. I managed the three levels and was the middleman between the managing agents. I then started at JLL as a Commerical Asset Manager. I worked on the terrace CBD for more than five years before I then started to invest in property and decided to open my own agency.  

    2. What appealed to you about commercial real estate?  

    I enjoy the different uses that commercial real estate offers to either a tenant or an owner of a property and I like working directly with business owners to make their visions for their business become a reality.  

    I love the different challenges that commercial real estate presents daily. From dealing with the maintenance and upkeep of the facilities of the property, to the lease negotiations between a tenant and property owner. I enjoy finding a win-win solution for both parties and managing the different types of commercial property, from industrial, office, retail and medical. 

    3. What is the most challenging part of your job?  

    Finding the time balance between the multiple roles I play within the business is always an interesting one. I currently manage a portfolio of over 100 commercial properties. I sell and lease commercial property, I manage our sales team of over 14 staff, and I also co-manage the business with my business partner Nick Sworder. I wish we had more time in a day!  

    4. Why do you think it is important for agents to be REIWA Accredited in their specialty fields? 

    It is important to specialise in a specific field of real estate so that as an agent you can provide a more specialised service to your client. This helps the public understand the set of skills that you bring to the table when listing their property with a REIWA Accredited agent. 

    5. What are you most proud of achieving in your role?  

    I feel most proud when I have a client provide me with positive feedback of how I have helped them through their property journey. Whether that be through selling their property, managing their tenant or providing them with advice as to how to handle a situation 

    6. What is your best advice for sellers?  

    When selling with an agent, trust in your agent’s abilities to be able to get you the best possible price in this market. Focus on today’s price and not yesterdays. If you don’t trust your agent – don’t list with that agent! 

    More information  

    For more information about Chris Tana, visit his reiwa.com AgentFinder profile.