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    Data in this graph is as at 16 May 2016. The latest quarterly house, unit and land sales are an estimate.

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    Listing and Rental Trends

    Data in this graph is as at 1 October 2015. Information includes the latest quarterly rental listing and average selling days for the Perth metro region. The preliminary median weekly rent and vacancy rate for house and units are an estimate.

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    Highest growth suburbs

    01. Lathlain
    02. South Fremantle
    03. Narrogin
    04. Kalgoorlie
    05. Manjimup
    06. Busselton
    07. Bullsbrook
    08. Kallaroo
    09. Kalamunda
    10. Churchlands
  • Suburb Profile


    GROWTH -10.4%
    MED.PRICE $625,000
    POPULATION 1,142

    Woodbridge is a small suburb within the City of Swan that used to be known as ‘West Midland’ when it was formerly part of neighbouring suburb Midland. Home to 1,142 people at the 2011 Census, Woodbridge’s first growth period took place in the 1880s and 1890s, but it wasn’t till after the Second World War that significant development occurred.

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