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Beau & Amanda both joined the Real Estate Industry in 2014 while living back in Amanda’s home country - in the green rolling hills of New Zealand. Due to the differences in both local government and the health & fitness industries in Beau’s background he was the one who took the first jump and after quickly gaining some traction and attention Amanda decided to leave her teaching career behind and join the selling houses game as well.

After a quick stint over the ditch they decided to head back to Perth in 2015 where they continued with their new found passion for the industry. Initially working under seperate team banners Beau & Amanda realised that their Real Estate skill sets weren’t the only kind of match made in heaven so ventured out as their own sales team in 2016 which lead to the establishment of the ‘Team Bremner’ name. If you’ve crossed paths with both of them you would’ve been quick to realise the contrast in personality and skill sets - one with the approachable personality along with the gift of the gab and one who is neat and attentive with enough structure and organisation to heard a family of cats.

Having lived and worked in the Kwinana region for a large portion of his life Beau had a strong root system in the area which helped get the wheels in motion and spread the word that he had found his calling. Since making the commitment to their careers in Real Estate they have had a huge impact on the industry and have quickly become Kwinana’s number one sales team and two of the leading agents in the area.

In early 2022 they made the decision to take the final step in their careers and invest in themselves by opening the doors to their own company 'Bremner Property Group' which is now a locally family run business based in the heart of Bertram which offers all the services related to selling and/or leasing your property and is here to assist whether you are near or far!

Outside of the Real Estate arena they share two young children of their own who enjoy spending their time out and about helping deliver Mum and Dad’s flyers and pointing out their faces on signboards around the local streets. Living locally in Bertram has helped and encouraged them to cement their investment in their local community as proud sponsors and supporters of a large number of events, activities, schools and fundraisers throughout the area.

When it comes to selling your biggest asset - the process can seem daunting and stressful at first but together with their skills and experience Beau and Amanda are here to make the process as easy, enjoyable and carefree as possible, all while working together with you to achieve a fantastic Real Estate result!

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