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Robert Harris

Property Management Specialist

Coronis WA

Level 12/197 Saint Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000

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Situated in Fremantle, Western Australia and servicing Fremantle through to South Perth and up to Scarborough.

Property management found me as a calling almost 30 years ago, I had been nursing for 4 years and had to leave the industry due to a lower back injury. I was woken up early Monday morning for a routine inspection that I was not aware of. Spoke with the property manager as she inspected and got a call 15 minutes later asking “do I want to work as a receptionist?”, I jumped at it. Within weeks they saw potential in me and asked me to be a PM assistant.

I was taught to a high standard by a very good mentor. I branched out into my own portfolio and rose from assistant to property manager, to senior property manager, and then to department manager.

I feel that property management is not just a job but a vocation and I have never seen it as a simple 9-5 role, no matter what position I have been employed in.

I believe that being approachable with a fine eye for detail have assisted me to succeed in this industry. A motto I have is do as you say and say what you will do, this is where the trust from clients comes from. Honesty and accountability are key.

It’s essential to sit and listen to clients, spending time getting to know the family dynamics, you tend to find out so much more and what is important to them

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Robert Harris

Robert Harris

Coronis WA

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