• Gayl Smythe - Property Manager
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    Gayle Smythe says property management is a career profession.
    “It allows you to work with diverse people in diverse income groups,” she says.
    “The property manager has a fiduciary relationship with the management company and property owner, which is based on a mutual trust and complete confidence in one another.”
    Gayl says the owner entrusts their property with you for thousands of dollars each month plus the value of the real estate itself.
    “The manager is hired to perform their duties, with the highest level of integrity,” she says.
    “On a daily basis, the property manager's good judgment and sense of what is right and wrong is called into play.”
    A skilled property manager is able to multi-task and prioritise simultaneously.
    “Managers must be able to communicate with people from all walks of life, cultures, ethnicities and personalities,” Gayl says.
    “Managers must be able to articulate their cases with owners and tenants, who are often frustrated, upset, or angry.”
    “A good manager must be able to stay calm and communicate in a professional manner.
    Outside of work, Gayl is really interesting, including the lead singer for a jazz group, and she’s not bad either.
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    238 Naturaliste Terrace, Dunsborough WA 6281
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