• Tips for making your rental application stand out


    Tips For Making Your Rental Application Stand Out | REIWA

    With Perth currently experiencing a rental shortage and with many inspections having over 30 people attending a home open for a single property, it’s no wonder people trying to find their next rental are having issues. Therefore, a standout rental application is a necessity.  

    The most important part of a rental application is to completely fill it in, as honestly as possible. With the number of applications coming in for one property, forgetting to add a reference, giving incorrect contact details, or leaving sections blank could be the difference between you and someone else getting the property.  


    An application is basically your resume for renting therefore you should have a list of documents ready to submit with your application, including a copy of your identification such as a driver’s licence or proof of age card.  


    For any references, plan in advance and ask those who you will be nominating for a written reference and attach them to your application. Also ensure your referees are aware you have put them down, so when the property manager calls, they are prepared.  


    It’s important to prove that you can afford to pay rent so you will need to verify your income and current employment. You can do this by adding a letter from your manager or human resources department confirming your employment and attaching your most recent payslips. 

    reiwa.com Tenant Check

    By conducting a tenant check, you will have the chance to run a report which a property manager would normally receive. It provides you with the opportunity to include this report with your application and explain anything that might negatively impact your rental application. 

    Find out more information on reiwa.com Tenant Check. 


    Presentation of an application is important, even in electronic format. Make sure to have all documents scanned neatly and open the right way, so when the property manager opens the document, they can read the item easily.  

    Cover letter

    You should also consider using a short cover letter, as it shows you are interested and willing to go above and beyond what the average applicant may be doing. Make sure to include the reasons that make you a good tenant and how you are a suitable fit for the property.  

    Pet resume

    For those that have pets, consider a pet resume for the property manager including a small written summary on your pet’s nature, personality and appearance, references from people who have lived with your pet and necessary documentation that prove your pet is microchipped and registered under your name.

    More information

    If you need more advice on applying for a rental property, make sure to view the rental advice section on reiwa.com or alternatively contact a REIWA property manager.