• REIWA Awards for Excellence

    The REIWA Awards for Excellence are Western Australia’s premier awards recognising excellence in real estate. REIWA was delighted to announce the 2020 Awards for Excellence on 17 June 2020. 

    The 2020 winners are:


    • Achievement Award
      Brittany Clark, Here Property 

    • Business Broker of the Year
      Graham O'Hehir, Goodwin Mitchell O'Hehir & Associates

    •  Business Development Manager Award           
      Liliana Talemaitoga, Caporn Young Estate Agents                   

    • Buyer's Agent of the Year          
      Liz Sterzel, Property Wizards

    • Commercial Agency of the Year
      Realmark Commercial

    • Commercial Property Manager of the Year
      Tony Morgan, CBRE

    • Commercial Salesperson of the Year
      Anthony Del Borrello, CBRE

    • Community Service Award

    • Innovation Award 

    • Large Residential Agency of the Year
      dethridgeGROVES Real Estate 

    • Marketer of the Year 
      Lauri Curtain, dethridgeGROVES Real Estate 

    • Marketing and Communications Award
      dethridgeGROVES Real Estate

    • Medium Residential Agency of the Year
      Duet Property Group  

    • Operational Leadership Award
      Michelle Rigg, Rentwest         

    • Operational Support Award
      Brianna Merendino, Rentwest 

    • Residential Property Management Team of the Year
      Everyday Hero Team, Empire Estate Agents

    • Residential Property Manager of the Year
      Kathryn Massey, Michael Johnson & Co           

    • Residential Sales Team of the Year
      Smith Team,  Realmark Urban

    • Residential Salesperson of the Year 
      Nathan Tonich, Realmark Urban                    

    • Small Residential Agency of the Year
      Mont Property

    • Hall of Fame Residential Salesperson of the Year
      Peter Clements, Mint Real Estate 

    These winners may now put themselves forward as the state representative in their particular category for the 2021 National Awards for Excellence, which are being hosted in Darwin in April 2021. 

    Kevin Sullivan Memorial Award Recipients

    Recipient     Year 
    Maurice Owen     1989 
    Don Hutchison     1990 
    Chris Fyson     1991 
    John Garland     1992 
    Roy Weston     1993 
    Michael Griffith     1994 
    Gerry Gauntlett     1995 
    Judi Moylan     1996 
    Ross Ranson     1997 
    Greg Joyce     1998 
    John Franklyn & Ian Sanderson     1999 
    Kareena Ballard    2000 
    Jerry Hughes     2001 
    Paul Conti     2002 
    Nigel Satterley     2003 
    Paul Druitt     2004 
    Graham Joyce     2005 
    Jim Henneberry     2006 
    Tony Lennon     2007 
    No award     2008 
    Bill Goddard     2009 
    No award     2010 
    Robert Ockerby     2011 
    No award     2012 
    No award     2013 
    Rob Druitt     2014 
    Alan Bourke & John Percudani     2015 
    No award     2016
    David Airey     2017
    Ian Cornell     2018
    Allan Pendal     2019