• West Aussies encouraged to dig deep for Salvos’ 2022 Red Shield Appeal


    A woman is holding her infant baby. She looks sad and is staring the camera. Both are outside and rugged up standing next to a car.

    Did you know that every 17 seconds The Salvation Army helps someone in need at one of their services or programs?  

    Since the onset of the pandemic in 2020, demand for the Salvos’ services has increased which is why REIWA is once again throwing its support behind the Red Shield Appeal and encouraging West Australians to donate. 

    The 2022 Red Shield Appeal is focused on assisting women and children experiencing homelessness because of family violence.  

    How will your donation help?  

    Family violence can lead to years of trauma, homelessness and instability. Your Red Shield Appeal donation can help people find a way out of crisis and a way back to a safe and stable life. 

    Every donation, no matter the amount, will make a difference to someone in need.  

    • An $8 donation can buy a child fleeing a crisis with a new pair of pyjamas.  
    • A $30 donation can help a child or young person become settled after changing schools due to family violence, by purchasing necessary stationery supplies to continue their education in safety. 
    • A $70 donation can help pay for petrol for someone in a remote area to drive to safe accommodation. 
    • A $100 donation can ensure a woman escaping violence is fed and nourished for an entire week, helping her to heal, recover and feel cared for.  

    How to donate 

    It’s easier than ever to help the Salvos in their mission to support West Aussies in need.  

    To get behind the Red Shield Appeal, simply visit the REIWA fundraising page to donate. Even the smallest amount can make a big difference!   

    Donate now 

    Together we can transform lives and help create a future that leaves no one in need. 

    More information 

    To find out more about REIWA’s partnership with The Salvation Army and the REIWA agents who support it directly, visit reiwa.com’s In the Community page.