• Tips for moving house from the professionals: Alinta Energy and Adlam Transport


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    Whether you’ve booked a professional removalist or decided to make the move yourself, help keep your stress levels at a minimum with these helpful tips for moving house from professional removalists. 

    1. Move your own valuables 

    Some insurance policies won’t cover you for lost valuables that have been entrusted to someone else, so it’s always best they remain with you. Keep watches, jewellery, and other valuable items on you at all times during your move. 

    2. Highlight any fragile items 

    Make sure any fragile items are clearly labelled – on all sides of your moving box. The more obvious that a box contains breakable items, the less chance of it getting damaged. A ‘this way up’ note can also help make sure contents aren’t tipped upside down. 

    3. Disassemble your furniture before moving day 

    If you’re packing yourself, save time on the day by making sure any furniture that comes apart is already disassembled. Make sure any small parts are wrapped or placed in small bags and labelled so you know which item of furniture they belong to when you start assembling on the other side.  

    4. Empty all drawers 

    When packing, remember to empty all drawers that are being transported, like filing cabinets and chests of drawers. These items are heavy enough on their own, without being packed to the brim with other items. Being empty also makes it much safer for moving. 

    5. Use similar sized boxes 

    If you can, try to use packing boxes of a similar size. This will make it much easier to pack and stack safely in the vehicle you’re using to move, as well as being easier to arrange to ensure everything fits. 

    6. Don’t use flimsy packaging 

    It can be helpful to use second-hand boxes from friends, family or supermarkets, but make sure they’re not flimsy or falling apart. They need to have enough life left in them that they won’t fall apart in transit. 

    7. Fill empty space 

    When packing your boxes, try not to leave any empty spaces inside. Gaps inside can affect the integrity of the boxes and, if stacked, they could collapse and damage the contents.  

    8. Be ready on the day 

    Make a checklist of everything that needs to be done before and during your moving day. When your helpers arrive, you want to be ready to start loading your moving van or truck. This means knowing what needs to go first and having these items ready. 

    9. Label all boxes and rooms at the new property to match 

    A super simple tip to ensure everything ends up in the right place is to not only label your boxes with room names, but also label the rooms in your new home. It might be obvious to you which bedroom is ‘bedroom 3’ but not to everyone else. Stick a sign up on each room door (or wall if it’s open plan) so when anyone brings in a box they know exactly where it needs to go. 

    10. Using professional removalists can save you time and stress 

    Not all moves are the same. No matter the size of a move, a professional removalist can help you save time – and reduce your stress levels at an already stressful time. 

    More information 

    To help you when you move, we’ve put some of the best moving tips and energy saving advice we’ve learnt over the past 25 years on our website, visit alintaenergy.com.au/blog.  

    Alinta Energy has partnered with Adlam Transport to help customers in WA when they move. Adlam Transport are leading removalists in Perth, providing storage, office and house removalist services across Perth, WA and interstate for over 25 years. For more information, visit alintaenergy.com.au/movingtruck.  

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