Perth's five most popular suburbs for young adults

We've singled out the Perth suburb hot spots suitable for the young professional, based on its lifestyle, culture and convenience.

Sjanna Sandalova
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It is safe to say that when you’re young and new to the independent full-time work life, the ‘lifestyle’ factor becomes a strong influence when looking for a place to live.

If you’re fresh out of home and on the hunt for a first-time rental that suits your lifestyle and social needs, keep reading for some information on popular suburbs where the millennial might look to nestle.

We’ve singled out the five Perth suburbs most popular with young working professionals, based on its culture, lifestyle and convenience.

Perth rental hotspots for people aged 20-29

1. Northbridge

To kick off the list is Northbridge. With something to do at every hour of the day, this vibrant suburb offers endless bars, shops, cafes, restaurants and gyms, everything you need as a 20-something year old.

Its centrality to Perth train station makes it extra convenient to get around, especially if you’re all about that commuter life. 35 per cent of Northbridge’s population is made up people aged 20-29, and with a humble inner-city median rent price of $390, Northbridge tops the list of rental hotspots for the millennial.

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2. West Perth

West Perth offers a diverse range of aesthetic properties, from old-style cottages to modern, simple living apartments and townhouses which are increasingly popular among young professionals.

West Perth tops the list for its accessibility, being close to the freeway and excellent public transport options. There are 1,620 people aged 20-29 live in West Perth which is 29 per cent of its overall population.

With a median rent price of $400 a week, why not have endless fine dining, restaurants and the stunning King’s Park and river views right at your doorstep?

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3. Leederville

Next on the list is Leederville. Leederville’s urban lifestyle and culture draws crowds from all over Perth, making it a big hit with young adults.

Leederville is known for its range of fashion outlets with brands ranging from classy chic to the laid-back hipster. For a relatively privileged suburb, Leederville’s median rent price sits at $405 a week, which is excellent value given the charming character properties lining the suburb’s streets. And, don’t forget, the vibrant Oxford Street is home to some of Perth’s best cafes, bars and restaurants.

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4. Scarborough

Now, we couldn’t complete this list without a coastal suburb. For all you surf ocean lovers, Scarborough has it all, amazing white-sandy beaches, rooftop and coastal bars along with endless things to do and see.

Scarborough’s recent urban growth and development has seen the suburb expand and gain popularity from everyone chasing that ultimate beach lifestyle. Still super close to all transport and shopping centres, and with a median rent price of $410, it’s no wonder why 20 per cent of Scarborough’s population is aged between 20-29.

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5. Mount Lawley

Last on the list, but definitely not least, is the bustling and very hip Mount Lawley. With a median rent price of $330 a week, it is the most affordable suburb to rent in on the list.

This trendy urban suburb ticks all the boxes in terms of lifestyle, culture and accessibility and is one of the larger suburbs with 2,073 residents aged 20-29 occupying the area which is 19 per cent of its overall population.

For those of you chasing a character home, Mount Lawley’s leafy green streets presents plenty of this and there is also a good selection of modern townhouses.

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