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Hamilton Hill

The earliest known settler at Hamilton Hill was Sydney Smith, the agent of Captain George Robb. Robb arrived in Western Australia in 1830 and took up land south of Fremantle. During the next twelve months Smith was actively engaged in establishing Robb's farm. In a letter dated August 27th, 1830, he gives his address as Hamilton Hill.  The name Hamilton is derived from the Hamilton Ross Company of Cape Town which operated the "Leda", the ship that brought Robb and Smith to Western Australia. The founder of the company, Hamilton Ross, had been born in Galway, Ireland in 1775, into a family that had moved from Scotland about two generations prior to his birth. The first master of the "Leda" had been Captain John Northwood and several of Hamilton Ross's nephews were indentured to become master mariners on the "Leda", including Richard Hamilton Allen, whose son, William Hamilton Allen, later settled in Western Australia.