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The most south westerly town in the state, Augusta was named by Gov. Sir James Stirling in May 1830. Until 2003 it was thought the name honoured Princess Augusta Sophia, second daughter of King George III and Queen Charlotte. In 2003 the book "James Stirling - Admiral and Founding Governor of Western Australia" by Pamela Statham Drew (UWA Press 2003) was published, and in it a letter by James Turner is referred to which states "a town is purposed to be built named Augusta, County of Sussex, in compliment to the Duke". Princess Augusta Sophia died unmarried, and the "Duke" is most likely the Duke of Sussex, Augustus Frederick (Hanover), the 6th son of George III. He married Lady Augusta Murray in 1793, but the marriage was deemed a violation of the Royal Marriage Act, and was declared null and void in 1794. He had children by her, and did not remarry until after she died on 5 March 1830. Lady Augusta Murray is most likely the person after whom Augusta is named.