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Simar Singh

Property Sales Consultant

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PO Box 553, Morley WA 6943

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Described by happy clients as professional, prompt and supportive, Simar says he found his interest in real estate after buying his first property and little he knew that he would explore his Niche and purpose.

With a focus in Morley but flexible on location, Simar says he tries to always remain positive, respect people’s time and do his best for clients. He is determined when he has a task in mind and prides himself on his integrity and self-belief. His passion for real estate goes beyond transactions; it's about building relationships and helping you achieve your dreams.

Clients have also described him as ‘always available for questions and discussion’, so it helps that Simar loves talking to people! A self-described foodie, Simar says great training and mentorship have been crucial aspects of his personal and professional development. They involve the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and guidance to achieve his best results.

Simar's majority business is referral-based, Referrals are not just a part of his business; they are at the core of his success story. His growth has been fuelled by the trust and confidence his clients have in him, prompting them to refer their friends, family, and acquaintances.

Are you also ready to make your next move? Reach out to Simar today and elevate your real estate experience to new heights!

Simar Singh - Your Local Property Matchmaker

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