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Jason Whiteman

Elite Sales Consultant

Gest Real Estate

286 Alexander Drive, Dianella WA 6059

About Jason Whiteman

Jason Whiteman has a rich Real Estate pedigree and a proven sales record to match. With over 27 years in the industry, Jason was born, bread, lives and works in Morley.

Why employ Jason Whiteman?

The best real estate agent to employ is the agent who can “negotiate” the best sale for the home seller. How do you know that the price you have been offered is the absolute highest price that buyer will pay?
“I will guarantee in writing that the price the buyer will pay for your home is the highest price that they will pay!”
After studying the “Art of Negotiation” and “Body Language”, Jason has the qualifications and experience to represent you professionally in the sale of your property.

What Jason does that some agents may not! –

• When you employ Jason he will be your only point of contact. Jason will be the person that negotiates your sales contract, calls you with updates on the progress of your sales and conduct Home Opens in person.
“It staggers me that an agent will sit in front of you at the interview and tell you how personal and professional they are and they will treat you like a VIP, and then not even conduct the Home Opens themselves? The will have a “junior salesperson” or “assistant” open your property and deal with your prospective buyers? When a home seller employs Jason Whiteman, they will get Jason Whiteman. He will conduct your home opens, talk to prospective buyers, negotiate the sales contract and ensure settlement tracks accordingly. After all, Home Open day is "game day" in real estate.

“You need the best property negotiator at your property on game day.”
• I will guarantee the sale price of your property is the highest price the buyer will pay for your home. This guarantee will be in writing!
• I will guarantee the level of service that I deliver to the home seller and I will commit to when I will call you, how many times I call you per week, provide a written report to you each week and advise you within 60 minutes of your home open being completed and update of the event.

Who is Number 1 in Real Estate?

Many agents will tell you “I sell the most homes”, “I have won this award” and “I am number one in Real Estate”

So who does Jason Whiteman think is Number 1 in Real Estate? –

“You Are Number 1!” When you list with Jason you are his number one priority. Jason will never sell a property that has another agents sign out the front. You employ him to sell your property, not your competitors.

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