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Graeme Clarke

Director of Sales

Goodwin Mitchell O'Hehir & Associates

The Occidental Building, 1310 Hay Street, West Perth WA 6005

About Graeme Clarke

Graeme’s career began managing several hotels under the Swan Brewery banner until he decided to branch out on his own for 15 years to own and operate a hotel and liquor outlet.

Specialising in hospitality related businesses in the last 20 years Graeme has been highly successful in the sale and lease of such properties throughout Western Australia. Prior to establishing the hospitality division at PLUS 8 Hotel & Tourism Sales, Graeme was a consultant for Burgess Rawson. His substantial industry background of over 30 years has provided Graeme with an intimate knowledge of the dynamic and challenging nature of the hospitality industry.

Graeme has successfully negotiated many sales and leasing negotiations throughout the Western Australian hospitality, tourism and leisure sector. As a result, Graeme is held in high regard within the industry and considered to be an expert in this field

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Graeme Clarke

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