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Bev Chadwick

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36 Davey St, Mandurah WA 6210

About Bev Chadwick

Bev Chadwick is known for her honesty, kindness and perception when it comes to understanding her clients’ needs. Bev’s energetic personality, combined with her passion and commitment to the neighbourhood, as well as her genuine love for working with people, has earned her a loyal clientele, who value her communication skills and positive energy.

Bev’s expertise lies within Halls Head & Mandurah surrounds, where she has lived for over twenty-one years. She enjoys the proximity to the beach and the vibrant atmosphere it has; which Bev believes is perfect for families and community events. Bev has developed a strong understanding of the area and community, making her invaluable to her clients. Bev achieved this by owning the most successful Ladies Only Gym in Western Australia, with its base being in Mandurah.

Before that, when she was based in the United Kingdom, Bev’s working life was spent in the ‘people’ industry, giving her the foundation needed for strong negotiation skills, business management, and understanding how to meet the needs of her clients. It is no wonder many people turn to Bev to make their dreams come true.

Bev is committed to growth in her workplace, no matter what it may be. For this reason, she attends training every three months, making her uniquely qualified to meet her changing clients’ needs. Bev has been working in real estate for three years, and in that time, she has already achieved entrance to the 8-million-dollar club. If you are looking for someone positive, growth-focused and understanding, Bev is first on your list.

In her free time, Bev actively attends the gym, which she sees as vital for maintaining a healthy mind and body. She also enjoys reading, especially when combined with a relaxing vacation to Bali.

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