• Four space saving tips for small homes


    Finding the perfect rental or share house, in a great location and with ample living space, can sometimes be challenging, especially in inner city areas.

    Here are four tips to maximise your space and solve storage problems, without leaving any irreversible damage to your rental property.

    1. Invest in multi-use furniture

    Use cleverly designed furniture to add storage and save space to make your home feel roomier.

    • Add extra storage to your bedroom by investing in a bed with drawers or under-mattress storage. You can even purchase beds with hidden compartments in the headboard.
    • Opt for a coffee table or side table with shelving or drawers so you can hide personal items and declutter your space.
    • Both a couch and a bed - a futon can be a handy addition to your lounge or study, offering a place to sleep for guests, while remaining a functional everyday item. Some futons come with added storage for your linen and pillows.

    2. Use floor-to-ceiling bookshelves

    If you’re working with a small apartment or bedroom, maximise your space with a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf. It won’t take up too much room and the added shelving will give you plenty of space to display books and personal items, and maybe even store clothes.

    3. Consider hanging storage options

    Hanging organisers for your shoes and clothes are not only great in your wardrobe, but can also be used in your pantry, bathroom and laundry to increase the amount of storage space. Plus, they are easy to remove and don’t need to be drilled into a wall, which is great for renters.

    4. Utilise adhesive hooks and tension rods

    Adhesive hooks and tension rods are good alternatives to drilling nails, rails and shelving into your walls, as they shouldn’t leave any permanent marks.

    Adhesive hooks can be used in cupboards and on the back of doors to hang towels, oven mitts, bags and more, keeping shelf space free for heavier items. Tension rods can also be stuck between open entry ways to section off a room with a curtain or even used inside cupboards to hang storage containers.

    Be sure to speak with your property manager before adhering anything to the property walls.

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