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Grass Patch

Grass Patch

Grass Patch townsite is located on the Coolgardie-Esperance Highway, 79 kilometres north of Esperance. A townsite here was proposed in 1910, when the government was planning to build a railway from Esperance to Norseman, and land in the area was being opened up. "The Esperance Land and Railway League" particularly pushed for the townsite to be developed, but it was 15 years before the railway was built. The area was well known as "Grass Patch", a nearby farm of this name having been settled around 1896, and renowned for bountiful crops and good grass. However, when the townsite was gazetted in 1923, the local settlers sought a more suitable name, and nominated three names, "Warden" being the one selected as most suitable. Objections were soon received to this name, and later the same year it was changed to Grass Patch.

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