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GROWTH -2.0%
MED.PRICE $625,000

In the 1890's a siding in this area was known as "Heidelburg" or "Heidelburg Grove" it being the name given to his property by George Henry Palmateer who held 300 acres in the area in 1893. In 1915, because of World War I, the Railway Department was asked to change the name to something not of German origin. The Under Secretary for Lands proposed the name "Bickley" after a pioneer in the area and a member of the first Legislative Assembly - Samuel Wallace Alexander Walsh Bickley or Wallace Bickley, as he was more commonly known, was the original owner of 640 acres on the Canning River in 1843 and the brook which entered the Canning River at the corner of the land was known as "Bickley's Brook".

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