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    Sean Seet has a diverse background and has added 10 strong years in the real estate industry to this experience. He prides himself on his wide network of both national and international clients.  

    Over the last decade, Sean has worked hard to develop professional relationships and a positive reputation amongst colleagues and clients. He also mentors a young team of multilingual agents and has personally excelled as a sales executive within Starlight Property Group, servicing clients across the Perth metropolitan area.  

    Sean was recently announced Residential Salesperson of the Year at the 2022 REIWA Awards for Excellence, where his agency, Starlight Property Group also took home the Small Residential Agency of the Year Award. 

    Sean works to balance his time between his career and his wonderful family, for whom he says he would not have achieved what he has without them. Sean enjoys playing soccer and volleyball with his teenage boys and their friends, and has a passion for music, crabbing and fishing.  

    The quick six with... Sean Seet 

    1. How did you become a real estate agent? 

    I made a lifestyle decision to finish my work as a specialist engineer in the mining sector and joined my wife in her real estate company focusing on marketing. Running your own business is not easy and requires you to be available around the clock. I have since managed to combine my experience in engineering and property development with that in real estate to offer a uniquely valuable skillset to my clients.  

    2. What do you enjoy most about your job?  

    Selling can feel equivalent to four seasons in a day. It’s emotional, stressful, overwhelming, and exciting all at once. I enjoy helping my clients through the entire process, achieving great outcomes, and being their dependable rock, where no task is too big or small. It is heart-warming seeing happy clients who are thankful and appreciate our sincere efforts to serve them to the best of our ability. (I say "our" because I work with a great team who are a large part of why I enjoy what I do). 

    3. What is the most challenging part of your job?  

    Meeting client expectations while maintaining the right balance in my professional role and as a family man. Aside from being committed to my clients, I am also committed to supporting and nurturing our team of young professionals, as well as developing and honing my own professional skills. I am still working to better manage my time to make sure I execute professional commitments and goals, while maintaining standards. 

    4. What are you most proud of achieving in your role? 

    Taking a company of two and growing it into a team of eight has been an achievement. Coupling that with the incredible outcome of claiming titles at this year's REIWA Awards of Excellence for both Small Residential Agency of the Year and Residential Salesperson of the Year 2022, has been a moment for the entire team to celebrate and reflect on. Being recognised for our hard work has given us more drive to see where we will go from here. I am thankful for my hard-working team, associates, friends and family for their unwavering support.  

    5. We know WA market conditions are strong, what have the last 12 months been like for you on the ground?  

    With market conditions as they were, properties were selling fast, and having multiple offers was not uncommon. Honestly, we've never been busier! We found during this surge there was more competition to secure listings, with sellers expecting more.  

    While conditions were ripe, it was vital we maintained our high service standards. This ensures that when the market begins to shift, we are practising consistency so that clients remain confident in our abilities regardless of market conditions.  

    6. What is your best advice for sellers?  

    Take this golden opportunity while the market is still on a bull run. I've seen sellers using the current market conditions to capitalise on relocating between suburbs, as we have seen variations with increased value in some areas over others.  

    It is important to present the house in its best light. However, before arranging any renovations or staging, always engage in the advice of a professional you can trust to avoid overcapitalising in areas that won't add value. This is where our expertise gives us an edge while providing unbiased and honest advice. 

    More information 

    For more information about Sean Seet, visit his reiwa.com AgentFinder profile.  

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