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    Todd and Danielle Utley make it their business to help you move forward. We understand that life changes and how this impacts on what kind of a home you need. You get married (or re-married) and you need more entertaining space. New babies bring joy to your world and grow up to be big kids that bring all their friends home, requiring more bathrooms, a games room and maybe even a pool. Then they eventually leave home, taking all their friends with them and the house seems a little too big and somehow, too empty (and perhaps a little luxuriously quiet…!). Older knees and hips don’t like stairs anymore or work calls you further afield. Sometimes illness makes you re-prioritize and you just want something smaller. Whatever the reason for your house move, we make it our job to get you there.

    The housing market can be a tricky place, sometimes up and sometimes down. You need people who understand the intricacies of the market, particularly your market, to help you position your home correctly for sale and advise you every step of the way. You also need agents who have extensive negotiating experience to ensure that you maximize the sale price of your property in the current market. That’s what we’re here to do!

    We have been selling real estate for over 20 years and have unparalleled knowledge of property sales in the northern suburbs. Our qualifications and experience in negotiation, economics, marketing, accounting and contract law provide a sound backdrop to our success in property sales and allow us to analyse and educate you on the factors that impact your home. The fact that we’re a team also doubles the level of experience you have access to and provides a larger buyer net as buyers are naturally attracted to either a male or female agent to deal with. With us, you get both.

    And just so you feel assured that our sales knowledge and capacity is of the highest calibre, our list of real estate awards are extensive, from top selling representatives in our individual companies to top selling representatives in the state, spanning every year that we have worked in this wonderful and challenging industry. But that’s just a reflection of the fact that we love our jobs, appreciate our client’s needs and respect that their home is generally their greatest asset, understand the areas we work in and get a kick out of helping people move forward.
    If you’re looking for a highly qualified, professional and friendly team to help you sell your home, then please give us a call. We’ll help you get where you need to go.
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    Suite 1, 103 Flora Terrace, North Beach WA 6020
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