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O'Rourke Realty Investments

62 Scarborough Beach Road, Scarborough WA 6019

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O'Rourke Realty Investments

O'Rourke Realty Investments is a family owned and operated company established nearly 40 years ago, specialising in coastal property sales, leasing and property investments.

The partners of the firm are Rory O'Rourke, his wife Robyn O'Rourke and their son Jarrad O'Rourke. Rory started in real estate when he established Homestead Real Estate in the 1970's and then later on Rory O'Rourke Realty. Robyn's family established North Beach Real Estate in the late 1940’s and Jarrad has been in real estate since 1989, a licensed agent in his own right since 1994 and is now the General Manager.

O'Rourke Realty Investments are one of the most awarded real estate agents in the industry and still hold current records for the most sales in one day and the most sales in one month - our property management team are also award winners. You may see our little red cars around the place they are our 5 senior property managers.

Unlike most real estate companies, we have senior property managers for each of our management clients, rather than one senior manager overseeing a number of junior property managers. We also have a full time accounts manager and assistants to our property managers, all of this takes away our clients’ worries, such as bad tenants, vacancies and wear and tear on their investment property.

You may have heard that we also hold regular investment seminars, they are held each Wednesday fortnight. This is where we show people how to reduce their tax, increase their wealth and retire earlier through property investment – seminars are free of charge and run for about an hour and a half with questions. Once you have been to the seminar and you wish to take the concept further we are happy to make a one-on-one appointment with you to go through your personal circumstances and we can show you what property investment will do for eradicating your tax and increasing your personal wealth without affecting you current lifestyle and cash flow.

Many of the properties in the areas we specialise in, are potential development sites. We have taken pride in the fact we are experienced in development projects and are able to guide our clients to a better development experience by assisting them from start to finish. We begin by looking over plans and due to our vast experience in real estate we are able to make recommendations to increase future growth. We can even suggest the appropriate builder and of course rent out or sell the finished development.

We are a one stop property shop when it comes to your real estate needs, so give us a go.

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