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    YaY! the Flat Fee Realty is a zero commission real estate agency. Yay! Realty is an independent company offering a full professional service for a highly competitive fixed fee of only $10,750 (including GST). If you or your clients would like a professional, fee-for-service alternative to the traditional real estate agent's commission based fees, that are calculated as a percentage of the sale price of the property, then contact us.

    We have a very different background from the real estate agents who charge a fee based on a commission. Jillian Saint, principal and founder of YaY! the Flat Fee Realty , has worked as a taxation lawyer for over 20 years and believes it is time that a professional services approach was adopted in the Real Estate industry. We don't believe that the amount you are charged for selling your home should be based on how much it is worth. It does not cost a real estate agent any more to sell a higher priced home than it does to sell a lower priced home. In fact, quite often the reverse is true. Real estate agents provide a valuable service, but why should you pay thousands of dollars more for the same professional service. Changing the commission rate affects the amount you pay a real estate agent for selling your home - so why not ensure some certainly and pay a fixed fee of $10,750 and save yourself thousands of dollars. There are some “outside costs”, which are costs we pay third party suppliers, that you will be required to pay and these are disclosed on our website.

    Similarly, we charge a 8.0% fee inclusive of GST for managing your investment property. The YaY! Flat Fee Property Management Package covers all our professional services in relation to renting your property. Your Property Management Package includes but is not limited to the following:
    * Drafting an advertisement of your property for internet advertising;
    * Comprehensive marketing of your investment property;
    * Arranging viewings of your investment property, either by way of home opens or private appointment;
    * Processing tenant applications and recommending appropriate tenants;
    * Arranging for the execution of a lease with the successful applicant and ensuring all amounts due on lease execution have been paid;
    * Preparing property condition reports;
    * Conducting periodic routine inspections of the property to ensure that the tenant is appropriately maintaining the property; and
    * Arranging for maintenance and repairs as required.

    Unlike many real estate agents YaY! the Flat Fee Realty does not charge additional fees for our services, unless we are required to represent you in relation to tenancy disputes before any tribunal or court.

    When engaged to rent a property, a real estate agent may incur expenses associated with the marketing of your property, that they pay to third parties. Yay! Realty passes these outside costs onto you. The outside costs associated with our property management are disclosed on our website.

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