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    Jeremiah Loo Real Estate Agent
    Hello, you may not know me. That’s because I do not advertise my services.

    Satisfied customers whose properties I have sold and buyers who have bought their properties through me have become my repeated customers. The best testimony they have given me is to refer me new customers.

    How did I achieve this?

    For the Sellers,
     My methodical research and consultative approach which help to present them with accurate appraisals. A property for sale if it is priced well, meets the market.
     In addition, I have more than 35 years of experience in real estate and regional commerce. This has enabled me to deal with people from multicultural background. This provides the Sellers outreach to a wider market to sell their properties.

    For the buyers,
     My sales approach has helped them to make better informed purchase decisions.

    The end result is a win – win outcome for both sellers and buyers.

    It will be my pleasure to share my personal experiences with you:
     subdivide to maximise your property’s value
     renovate to add value
     trade up or downsize

    If you are unsure about what you can do with your property, you are welcome to call me for a chat.
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