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    Property Interest Report

    A comprehensive report on land use restrictions

    Property Interest Report provides information on interests for a specific property that are not registered on the Certificate of Title, providing a whole picture of what registered and unregistered interests affect a property.

    These interests are backed by legislation, Policy or Agreement and can affect the use and enjoyment of property. They may also imply rights and restrictions to the property. This report consolidates information from a range of Government Agencies and is available anytime online, saving you time having to contact each Government Agency for the information.

    Property Interest Report contains:

    • Essential information on how a property interest may impact property
    • Confirmation that a property is not affected by an interest
    • A colour aerial photograph and relevant title details
    • Contact details of over 40 Government departments, for easy reference

    To learn more about property interests that exist in Western Australia, search the interest dictionary, at no cost. Find a list of interests currently available in the Property Interest Report (PIR).

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    Certificate of Title

    A Certificate of Title is a record of all current information relevant to a parcel of land, including current ownership details.

    Certificate of Title Contains:

    • Volume / Folio details.
    • Lot on Plan details.
    • Current legal owner/s.
    • Any registered encumbrances (including caveats).
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    Survey/Strata Plan

    A Survey Plan offers a pictorial description of a lot within a subdivision.

    Survey Plan contains:

    • Lot dimensions (including areas and angles) for all lots within a subdivision.