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    As you know, in some areas around Perth and WA, properties are being sold before they are even being advertised on the major real estate portals.   

    Now, reiwa.com is giving you the ability to send your Off-Market properties to the reiwa.com database. 


    Sent directly to buyers via reiwa.com email alerts and in-app notifications


    Included in your statistics for the reiwa.com awards  


    Convert to a live listing and vice versa at anytime 

    How do Off-Market properties work?

    1. Send your Off-Market properties to reiwa.com: Upload a residential Off-Market property for sale via the reiwa.com Listing Administration wizard or through your feed provider. 

    2. Off-Market properties will then be sent directly to buyers in the market via reiwa.com email alerts and in-app notifications: These properties will not appear on the reiwa.com portal. All clicks will be directed to your AgentFinder profile page. The user will then be encouraged to make contact with you directly to enquire about the Off-Market property. 

    3. Reap the benefits: Off-Market properties will be sent to interested buyers in your area via reiwa.com alerts and in-app notifications. They will also be counted towards your sales records on your reiwa.com AgentFinder profile, fed through to the itrack app automatically and included in your statistics for the reiwa.com Awards. 

    4. Convert to a live listing: You can convert an Off-Market property to a live listing and vice versa anytime and as many times as you wish.* 

    This is your opportunity to sell your Off-Market properties quickly and quietly to interested buyers in WA without incurring substantial advertising costs. 

    Subscription options

    • As part of a standard subscription, you will receive unlimited free standard or Off-Market property listings in residential, business or commercial. 
    • As part of a per listing subscription, you will receive four free standard or Off-Market property listings each month in residential, business or commercial. Or you can pay as you go for additional listings at a cost of $30 plus GST. Please note, Off-Market listings will be included and charged for in your total amount of listings. 

    Send your Off-Market properties to thousands of interested buyers via reiwa.com alerts today.

    Get more with iTrack

    All reiwa.com Off-Market properties will soon be fed directly through to the iTrack Property app automatically and vice versa. This will ensure that we maximise reach between the two platforms and offer the best possible chance for properties to be sold Off-Market. To get the full benefits, download the iTrack app today

    *If you are on a reiwa.com Feature or Headline property contract your upgrade costs will be incurred when you convert the Off-Market property to a listing on reiwa.com for the first time.

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