• A win for negative gearing in the 2016 Federal Election

    photo-negative-gearing-positive-for-west-aussiesIn the lead up to the 2016 Federal Election, REIWA engaged the WA community in a number of discussions on negative gearing and property investment.

    We found out just how important property investment is for helping every day West Aussies secure their future.

    REIWA's policy position was to retain negative gearing provisions in its current form and promote the need for broader tax reform, nationally and locally.

    The re-election of the Liberal Government was good news for the WA real estate industry as it meant negative gearing would be retained in its current form, which has provided some much needed stability for the WA property market.

    REIWA looks forward to working with local federal members of parliament and senators in the future on ensuring good housing and investment outcomes for all West Australians.

    View the results of REIWA’s negative gearing surveys.

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