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    RESO: Real Estate Sales Online
    RESO is an online offer, acceptance and contract management system 


    10,000 users are enjoying the simplicity and ease of RESO. Buyers love easy access to all property details and documentation as well as offering and negotiating on a property online from wherever they are. Agents are updated instantly, as soon as buyers have made or updated their offer, resulting in faster response times, in what can be a nervous waiting time.

    RESO is controlled by you – taking your desktop tasks mobile, anywhere. Designed to save you time – keeping you at the centre of what you do best – connecting with clients and selling homes.


    • Streamlined workflow.
    • Integrated with most major CRM's and REI Forms Live.
    • Offers and conditions listed on one easy to access screen.
    • Eliminated risk of missing offers.
    • Qualifying tool.
    • More buyer participation.
    • Enhances trust between agent and buyer.
    • Instant alerts keeping agent updated.
    • Suitable for all types of sales – Private treaty/pre and/or post auction, set date sales and private sales.


    • All property listings for sale on reiwa.com will include a “request documents or make an offer online” button which allows buyers to request to liaise directly with the selling agent, from the comfort of their own home. 
    • Integrations reduce tedious admin time. Direct integration with REI Forms Live means generating a completed contract at the push of a button ready for signing. 
    • Instant notifications when buyers access the sale or submit offers.
    • Paperless transactions mean you can manage offers and conditions online, anywhere anytime. With instant notifications for you and buyers when there has been an update.
    • When there is competitive interest you can utilise the optional 'REBid Ranking Feature.  Ranking offers maximises the competitive tension to ensure that the person who wants the property gets the opportunity and the seller gets the maximum price. Bringing a level of transparency not normally associated with a traditional private treaty sale. You can choose to show buyers how many other offers they are competing against and where their offer sits according to price.  The offer price is not disclosed to other buyers at any time. 

    Don't just take our word for it. Have a look at what other agents have to say about RESO and the amazing results that they have achieved. 

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    RESO is simple and easy to use and we can have you selling on RESO within 30 minutes. 

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