• reiwa.com traffic in June reaches new heights



    Following a very uncertain time in the real estate industry amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it's encouraging to see that reiwa.com traffic in June was the highest its ever been!

    While it's fair to assume confidence is finally returning to the property market, REIWA CEO Neville Pozzi believes recent changes to the reiwa.com website have also helped.

    "The recent changes to the layout of listings on reiwa.com, including much more detailed information available on listings is definitely reflected in the significant increase in overall traffic and enquiries on reiwa.com," Mr Pozzi said.

    Some important statistics for June*:

    • There were 714,384 users on reiwa.com - a 37.4 per cent increase when compared to 2019.
    • Sessions reached 1,599,480 - a 37.8 per cent increase when compared to 2019.
    • Page views reached 6,661,643 - a 15.5 per cent increase when compared to 2019.

    reiwa.com app

    The reiwa.com app also saw similar results, with users, sessions and agent enquiries all up on the previous month.

    • App sessions reached 117,792 - up 11 per cent.
    • There were 17,110 users in June - up 9.1 per cent.
    • There were 3,835 downloads of the reiwa.com app in June - that's 128 average downloads per day.

    View more reiwa.com statistics

    Get the most out of your reiwa.com subscription

    With traffic to your listings higher than ever, here are some ways you can maximise views.

    Feature Property - Stay at the top of the list until your listing is under offer. Plus, each office will be entitled to one free Feature Property upgrade each month on a listing of your choice. This offer includes members with existing Feature and Headline contracts.

    See more information about Feature Properties.

    Property Spotlight - Property Spotlights have proven to give you 5.7x more leads. Reaching this audience could mean increased sales and more leases signed. Plus, every new and existing listing on reiwa.com will be eligible to receive free Property Spotlights (no limit on number).

    See more information about Property Spotlights

    *These statistics are sourced from Google Analytics for June 2020.

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