• Get Apply Now on your reiwa.com listings


    Apply Now is a FREE feature of REI Forms Live. The new electronic format is designed to make the residential tenancy application process easier for both the property manager and the applicant.

    Before you had to invite the applicant to complete the application form.

    Now, the new system allows you to opt in (via REI Forms Live) to display the Apply Now button on all your rental listings on reiwa.com.

    Prospective tenants can then complete and submit the application form easily online. 

    Benefits for the property manager

    • More efficient
    • Much quicker  
    • More organised
    • More mobile  
    • More reporting

    Benefits for the applicant

    • It's easy 
    • It's convenient 
    • It's a time saver

    Subscribe now

    There is no sign up required! Simply enable within your REI Forms Live account by following these simple steps: 

    1. Visit REI Forms Live 
    2. Select 'Third Party' from the menu 
    3. Select '+New'
    4. From the list of Third Party Providers, select 'REI ApplyNow - reiwa.com' and 'Create'
    5. Within ten minutes, the Apply Now button will appear on your reiwa.com rental listings. 

    More information

    For more information, visit the Apply Now page or contact the REIWA Member Engagement team at [email protected].

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