• WA Election 2021


    We are calling on all candidates contesting the Western Australian Election to commit to five key policies that will enable the real estate sector to thrive, aiding the state’s economic recovery from COVID-19.

    A fair, sustainable and prosperous housing market is essential to ensure every West Australian has a place to call home.  

    We must ensure that government policies enable housing choice and diversity. Most importantly we must ensure that housing remains affordable whether renting or purchasing property across WA. 

    This requires policies that not only encourage investment and home ownership, but also create local jobs.  

    We are calling on all candidates contesting the WA election to:

    1. Support stamp duty reform that provides greater choice and opens doors to home ownership.
    2. Develop a plan to tackle WA's rental shortage.
    3. Create local jobs by removing stamp duty on the purchase of a small business.
    4. Boost the retail sector through a modern and flexible legislative framework that encourages innovation.
    5. Formalise the off-the-plan stamp duty rebate to secure ongoing construction jobs and limit urban sprawl. 

    The people of WA have their say

    In December 2020, we surveyed over a 1,000 West Australians to better understand the public's attitude towards stamp duty and determine whether there was a desire for the government to undertake significant reforms in this area.

    The results were overwhelmingly in favour of reforming stamp duty, with 90 per cent of respondents indicating they considered stamp duty to be a significant barrier to home ownership.

    Read the complete report: The future of stamp duty - The people of WA have their say.

    More information

    View our 2021 WA Election submission

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