• The benefits of using Instagram to buy and sell



    Social media has gained momentum in the real estate industry as a genuine marketing tool, glorifying the way real estate agents sell property.  

    It’s a great avenue for connecting buyers to sellers in a modern way and can really boost the prominence of a listing.  

    Caporn Young real estate agent Nikki Gogan has 79,000 followers and uses Instagram often when it comes to her real estate listings.  

    “Instagram is just another tool in an agent’s ‘toolkit’, it’s like word of mouth, but online” Ms Gogan said. 

    “I use Instagram to offer sneak peaks inside homes that may be coming to market soon, and I love using stories for casual house tours either before or after a scheduled home open.”  

    So, if you’re a seller or buyer, is it time to jump online and start following your local agent? Here are the benefits Instagram can have to your real estate journey. 


    For sellers, your agent might be getting you access to a larger pool of potential buyers every time they share your property on their feed. 

    According to Ms Gogan, Instagram is a very useful way to create conversation and has the ability to direct extra buyers to the home. 

    “My friends and family always talk to me about the new property I have just launched. However by having the conversation in a more public arena, people are drawn in and before you know it, people are talking about how wonderful that kitchen bench top is in that home that just came to market in East Fremantle is,” Ms Gogan said. 

    “I think this kind of casual viewing not only makes it memorable for potential buyers, but also adds value to my sellers with their property getting in front of, potentially, tens of thousands of eyes. 

    “My followers may be in the market to buy themselves or know of a friend or family member that is looking to purchase.” 


    As a buyer, Instagram is probably not the first place you’d think of to conduct your search for a house. However, there are some benefits that could really make your property search fun and appealing.  

    For starters, following a real estate agent that’s prominent in a suburb you’re looking to buy in can offer you daily insights to home opens, sneak peaks of properties before they hit the market and even suburb data.  

    They may share things on their feed which are unique, giving you real time information that can’t be found online.

    “If you’re a buyer, you may be one of the first to know about an up and coming property which can put you on the front foot,” Ms Gogan said. 

    “Another advantage for buyers is that Instagram stories may capture an area or feature of the home which isn’t visible from a still image, giving them a closer in-depth look into a property. 

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