• Property inspections are essential


    Property Inspections Are Essential | REIWA

    Property inspections are an essential component of the home buying process.

    It’s important you make the most of your viewing time so you can feel confident moving forward that you’re making an informed, sensible decision. 

    Mastering the process

    Some helpful tips to remember when inspecting a property are;

    • List the advantages and disadvantages of each property inspected and compare this to your requirements.
    • Be realistic when inspecting homes. Rarely will one home measure up completely. Be flexible and objective and try to avoid preconceived ideas that may cause you to close yourself off to better ideas.
    • Don’t rush inspections and don’t attempt too many inspections in one day as this is likely to lead to confusion.
    • Be prepared to make a second visit to a home. If the property you are buying is a joint purchase, both parties should inspect the property together.
    • Have a look around the neighbourhood and check the area for community facilities and other types of surrounding establishments.

    It is also worthwhile asking a local REIWA agent for further information about the area.

    Inspections and investors

    If you are purchasing a property as a rental investment, prior to submitting an offer enlist the services of a property manager to inspect with you.

    The property manager has extensive knowledge of rental properties and a keen eye for detail, so they can inform you of improvements or repairs that may need to be attended to prior to renting.