• Move in today, pay for it tomorrow with Preposit


    A new way of buying has hit the property market, allowing prospective buyers to live in their home, whilst saving for their deposit.

    In a unique first for WA, “Preposit” is the Afterpay© of the real estate industry and means you can ‘move in today and pay for it tomorrow’.

    The Apartments WA exclusive product allows you to move into an apartment immediately, then begin to make weekly payments that are stored away for you until you’ve saved your deposit.

    Apartments WA Sales Manager Chad Toquero said Preposit addresses one of the biggest stumbling blocks in home ownership – the deposit.

    “Preposit appeals to all buyers who can afford the loan repayments but are finding it difficult to save for a deposit – there is nothing else like this in the market and Preposit appeals to those looking to buy and those who are currently renting but want to own their own home in the future.”

    Apartments WA have also partnered with Loan Co to offer their clients access to a wide range of lenders. As each person’s financial circumstance, and thus borrowing capacity is different, Loan Co will work with each individual to pre-qualify them for a loan upfront. Preposit just allows the buyer to live in the property, while saving for their deposit.

    This new way of purchasing is flexible, negotiable and customised to suit the needs of every individual.

    Mr Toquero believes Preposit has the potential to make home-ownership become a reality for more people.

    “We want Preposit to make home ownership easier for those who want to take advantage of the property market now and their only hurdle is saving for a deposit,” he said.

    “The only catch is you have to be able to afford your mortgage repayments and pre-qualify for a loan.

    “As long as you can afford the repayments but don’t quite have the deposit right now, we can get you into one of our apartments.”

    For more information contact Apartments WA on 6400 0625 or visit preposit.com.au to see how Preposit can help you get into your own home quicker.