• Consider location, style and size when buying a home


    Consider Location, Style And Size When Buying A Home | REIWA

    When choosing your new home, the three key factors to consider are location, style and size.

    These three elements have significant impact upon your comfort and satisfaction levels, as well as the market value of your home.


    Location is imperative to the re-sale value of your home, so make sure you think ahead and look for areas that will serve you well in the future.

    When deciding on a location, your local REIWA real estate agents know areas extremely well and are also aware of any proposed changes that are likely to affect your asset in the future.

    On a personal level, you should consider factors like;

    • distance from your place of work
    • nearby educational facilities
    • availability of recreational facilities
    • the local town-planning scheme
    • and the development potential of the land.

    Style and size

    When determining the style and size of your home, the top five questions to consider before making a decision are;

    1. What are your garage or carport requirements?
    2. Do you want an extensive garden or low maintenance surrounds?
    3. What are your expectations for your main living areas?
    4. Do you want indoor and outdoor entertaining areas?
    5. Does the home have the capacity to extend?

    Prior to submitting an offer you should make your own enquiries aboutthe suitability of the property.

    You may wish to obtain a copy of the Certificate of Title, which will inform you of any encumbrances that may affect your use of the land or strata entitlement.

    It's also a good idea to speak with the seller's agent who can inform you of any issues you should be aware of.

    For more information, including tips during the buying process, check out our WA first home buyers guide.