• Is it the owners, tenants or property manager’s responsibility to see that the smoke alarm at the property is in working order?

    Ultimately it is the owner’s responsibility.

    The Building Regulations 2012 require owners, who make their dwellings available for rent or hire, to ensure that each alarm installed in the dwelling is in working order.

    The property manager will normally discuss with the owner how they should comply with their obligation under the Regulations.

    Health and safety should be taken seriously by everyone and therefore it would be prudent for tenants to take on some responsibility for their own safety by regularly maintaining the smoke alarms.

    The Department of Fire and Emergency Services recommends the following smoke alarm maintenance routine:
    • Test your smoke alarm every month to ensure the battery and the alarm sounder are operating.
    • Vacuum your smoke alarm with a soft brush attachment around the smoke alarm vents every six months.
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