• What are the services of a real estate agent?

    The service of a real estate agent will be dependent upon the type of agency appointment.

    The types of agency appointment are;

    • Acting on behalf of a seller
    • Acting on behalf of a buyer
    • Acting on behalf of an owner

    The services of an agent acting on behalf of a seller may include:

    • Inspecting the property.
    • Providing a market appraisal.
    • Researching comparative sales evidence.
    • Research the Certificate of Title and any documents relating to encumbrances.
    • Provision of a marketing plan that would consider the price, the most suitable type of promotion and the attributes of the property.
    • Recommend ways to optimise the appeal of the property.
    • Recommend the most appropriate types of advertising.
    • Determine and research any existing tenancy arrangements.
    • Target buyers and how to reach that target market.
    • Negotiate the purchase price and conditions of sale. 
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