• Is there a cooling off period if I list a property with an agent?

    This will depend upon the arrangement with your agent, but generally not. The standard selling agency agreement from REIWA does not have a cooling off period. 

    Entering into a selling agency agreement with your preferred real estate agent is not usually a spur-of-the-moment decision. Rather, prospective sellers have normally made a definitive decision to sell and have researched the various agents who are best placed to assist in the sales process.

    Selling agency agreements have an agreed time period, however the seller has the right to withdraw their property from the market at any time. If the seller provides this instruction, the agent would cease marketing the property for sale.

    Withdrawing the property from the market does not terminate the selling agency agreement, rather it just places the agreement on hold until the seller is ready. It’s important to note that withdrawing the property from the market does not provide the seller with the right to enter into a selling agency agreement with another agent until the initial agreement has terminated.

    Once your property is listed with an agent, the agent immediately engages in a strategic marketing process so that your property hits the market with the greatest impact to ensure the property sells at the highest price on the best possible terms and conditions in the shortest possible time.

    We recommend you list your property ‘For sale’ only when you are ready to sell and you have selected your preferred agent.

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