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  • The Grant

    Are there any conditions attached to how the Grant may be used?

    No. If you are eligible, there are no conditions as to how the Grant funds may be used.

    When will the Grant be paid?

    When lodging through the State Revenue Department the Grant will be paid:

    • In respect of an established home after the applicants interest is registered on the title; and
    • In respect of a contract to build or an owner builder after the date the home is available for occupation.

    When lodging through an Approved First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) Participant the Grant will be paid:

    • In respect of an established home on or after the settlement date;
    • In respect of a comprehensive building contract, on or after the final progress payment; and
    • In respect of an owner built home, on or after the date the property is ready for occupation.

    An Approved FHOG Participant is a body (usually a financial institution) that has an arrangement with the Commissioner to receive and process applications.

    Does my income affect the Grant?

    No. The Grant is not means tested. The income of applicants is not taken into account when establishing eligibility for the Grant.

    Does the value of my home affect the Grant?

    No. Provided your home is valued at $7,000 or more. There is no valuation ceiling on the home you purchase or contract to build.

    What type of dwelling qualifies for the Grant?

    Any dwelling that is suitable as a residence. It can be a single dwelling, duplex, flat, townhouse etc. It must be connected through the land, to water and sewerage services. A houseboat or caravan is not eligible. The Grant will not be available for renovations to an existing building or for the purchase of vacant land.
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