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    In a recent article by ABC News, the only successful Radburn neighbourhood in the world is located right here in Perth, with Crestwood Estate* celebrating 50 years as the ‘perfect’ Radburn neighbourhood in the world

    While other cities around the world tried this concept, most experienced an increased rate of crime and over the years the houses were converted into subdivided blocks - however this isn’t the case for Crestwood Estate which is known for its strong community spirit. 

    What is a Radburn neighbourhood? 

    The Radburn concept is a design method that was used to plan housing estates back in the 60s and 70s, where the backyard of a home faces towards the street and the front of each home faces one another over a shared park. 

    The intention was to create pedestrian-friendly residential housing with no fences and shared green space, which had direct paths to local shops and schools, all without crossing a single road. 

    While Crestwood Estate is the only successful Radburn neighbourhood, experts advise not to discourage this type of living as buyers are constantly looking into greener ways of living and in the future, this could be exactly what they are looking for.  

    Market insights 

    Crestwood Estate is located right in the heart of Thornlie, which in the 12 months to December 2019 reiwa.com data shows the median house sale price was $350,000 and there were 274 properties sold in Thornlie. 

    Houses located within Crestwood Estate fall into Thornlie’s upper quartile, which sits at $420,000 for the 12 months to December 2019. On average, each home has between 4 – 6 bedrooms and at least two bathrooms.  

    Life in Crestwood 

    With a population of over 23,000 (2016 Census data) and 91 per cent of properties in Thornlie are houses, the suburb presents an appealing suburban lifestyle away from the hectic nature of inner-city living.  

    Crestwood Estate expands on this with its 295 homes backing onto seven hectares of landscaped parks which lace the neighbourhood across 10 kilometres of pathways.  

    Facilities for residents include a recreation centre, community hall (which is now heritage listed) and a strong transport link that keeps residents well connected to the Perth metropolitan regions.  

    Keep informed  

    If a Radburn lifestyle is something you are considering, check out some of the properties currently for sale on reiwa.com in Crestwood Estate. 

    Want to learn more about buying your next home? Make sure to view our WA first home buyer guide.  

    *Note - once an estate is finished being built and sold by the developer, the estate name is dropped, and residents refer to the area in which they live by their suburb. Crestwood Estate is an exception to this which retained its original name from 50 years ago. Crestwood is not the name of the suburb, with the estate located within the suburb of Thornlie.  

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