• Thinking about a career in the real estate industry?


     Agent walking a couple through a home.

    If you are interested in property and enjoy working with people, real estate might be the career choice for you.  

    So many career pathways to choose from  

    There are a variety of career paths on offer in real estate, including property sales and property management in the residential, commercial and rural sectors. Plus, there are opportunities in strata, marketing, business broking, property development, auctioneering, and as a buyer’s agent. Which means there is lots of room for growth and movement. You even have the option of obtaining a licence so you can run your own agency.  

    A career which provides flexibility  

    Most careers in real estate do not involve sitting at desk from 9am to 5pm each day. Nowadays, with a laptop and mobile you can work anytime and anywhere, which means you can set your own pace and keep a flexible schedule.  

    The industry is dynamic and always changing 

    In real estate you are always meeting new people, keeping up with the latest trends and adapting to changing markets.  

    REIWA CEO Neville Pozzi said the real estate industry provides a constantly challenging and rewarding career. 
    “The WA real estate market is firmly in a recovery phase. With median selling and leasing times the lowest they have been in years, buyer and tenant demand is high, which means so is the demand for local real estate experts. Luckily, it doesn’t take long to become an expert on your local real estate area. 
    “There are many varied career pathways within the real estate industry. To succeed, you need strong communication and people skills, sound problem solving abilities, good attention to detail and a high level of self-motivation. 
    “Obviously, an understanding of the housing market and an interest in houses and architecture is also helpful. Above all, it is important to be ethical, honest and have the integrity to be able to build long-lasting relationships,” Mr Pozzi said. 

    What you need to know 

    If you are thinking of starting a real estate career, there are a few important things to know and understand before you get started. 
    The WA Government regulates the educational requirements for the real estate sector and, like REIWA, has a keen interest in ensuring high standards are maintained. 
    The starting point for most real estate careers is work as a registered sales representative or property manager. This involves completing a course in property studies with a registered training provider, like REIWA Training. 
    Wherever your interest lies, REIWA Training is here to support you in reaching your real estate career destination.  

    Start your career today 

    Our next entry level real estate courses commence on Monday 12 July.  

    For more information and to start your career in real estate, visit www.reiwatraining.com.au/start-your-career