• The South West’s 10 most affordable suburbs revealed


    Those looking for a sea change or holiday home should look to the hidden gems of the South West, with new reiwa.com data revealing the region’s 10 most affordable suburbs.

    REIWA President Hayden Groves said Collie, Withers and Manjimup topped the list, with Western Australia’s beloved South West region giving buyers plenty to choose from.

    “Whether you’re looking for a property to invest in or seeking to move to the region, there is an abundance of options available to buyers down south. Most notable, is the exceptional lifestyle opportunities on offer, which are not readily available at these prices in the metro area.

    “For instance, the median house prices of the 10 suburbs on the list range between $205,000 to $335,000, which is well below the Perth metro median house price of $525,000*,” Mr Groves said.

    REIWA Councillor Joe White, based in Dunsborough, is a passionate advocator for the South West and said many of the 10 suburbs on the list were ‘hidden gems’ he expected to grow in popularity over the coming years.

    “Withers and Usher for example, ranked two and six on the list respectively, are both located on the coast. West Australians love to live on the coast, to be able to buy a property that close to the beach for $300,000 or less is simply unheard of in the city.

    “I suspect in the coming years Withers and Usher will grow in popularity as buyers begin to discover the full extent of their superb geographic locations. With their proximity to the Bunbury CBD and sporting facilities, infill re-development will change the perception of these locations as the benefits of this re-development radiate out from the town centre.

    “That being said, the South West’s non-coastal regional areas are fantastic places to live too. And if you are living on limited means, there is probably no better place to make your dollars stretch than in towns in the South West of WA,” Mr White said.

    Mr Groves said one of the greatest appeals of the South West for home buyers and investors was the diversity of its landscape.

    “Whether you’re looking to live near the beach, prefer a rural secluded lifestyle, or would rather live near a vibrant and fast-growing town like Bunbury, there is lots of choice available at very affordable prices.

    “Not to mention, planned investment in the South West is strong with sizable infrastructure developments currently either underway or in the works. Specifically, the Busselton Airport Terminal Expansion will prove to be integral in supporting the region’s tourism industry, while also helping to drive further growth in the region,” Mr Groves said.

    South West’s 10 most affordable suburbs

                Suburb Median house price (Year to April 2017) Annual growth rate
    1. Collie $205,000 - 0.0%
    2. Withers  $237,500  ↓ 8.7% 
    3. Manjimup  $248,750  ↓ 10.2% 
    4. Carey Park $267,500  ↓ 5.3% 
    5. Harvey  $270,000  ↓ 14.3% 
    6. Usher $300,000  ↑ 5.3% 
    7. Eaton  $323,500  ↓ 8.7%  
    8. Donnybrook  $325,500  ↑ 9.2%  
    9. Glen Iris  $330,000  ↓ 5.7% 
    10. Bridgetown  $335,000  - 0.0%

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    *Perth median house price of $525,000 recorded for the year to March 2017.